Hello fear!
Remember me?
I am the same person you knocked down to a point where I was afraid to show my face

Hey fear!
Gone are those days
Where I would spend all my time in my room sitting alone
Thinking I am not good enough to be seen

Fear, you played me
Made my heart a soccer ball
You kicked it a million times
That’s the kind of effect you had on me
No matter how high I went
You always pulled me down

But fear
Look at me now
For loving and believing in myself
I conquered you

Yes, I agree
You wasted my time
Time which I will never regain
But it’s okay
I forgive you

I forgive you for trying to make me your slave
I forgive you for making me feel so small
I forgive you for making me feel like I am not worth it
I forgive you for trying to control a life that’s not yours

It was only for a short period of time
Take a good look at me
Just look at me now
I am all the way
I swear you’ll never bring me down

Fear, do you remember how much you made me cry
How hard I tried getting up
But you were always stronger
You pushed me down

Not anymore
I no longer have fears
I have faced and conquered you
That’s why I feel more important

Take note of this
I love myself way too much to let you control me
I am now a strong woman
You will never have space in my life
Farewell fare
You will not be missed