He welcomed them when there were humble.
He received them when there were humble.
He anointed them when there were humble.
He brought them on His presence when there
Were humble.

He made them His beloved servants where
There were humble. He lifted them when
There were humble. Humbles them when
They lifted themselves up. He glorifies when
Sees His people humble before Him and
Other people.

He humbles some in a hurting touch.
He can humble you too also if you are the next.
He humbles my own only loving mother silent
In tears. Humble her and take her up to GOD
Heavens benefit and earth lost.

Only because
He is the GOD of humble and mercy.
He humbles his own people in different ways.
Bottom line is… His warm hands are wide open
Enough for those who humble themselves.

Those who humble themselves like little kids.
Humble themselves as a sheep. If GOD can be
The one who humbles you with His touch.
It’s going to be heart blood leaking and soul
Breaks to wonders. Because GOD presence
Is pure as pure oxygen.

Asked Moses because couldn’t stand for
GOD presence. Because is so high and holy.