With this heart of mine
Built with wit and care,
I give it to you today
Take it,
Treasure it,
Love it,
Cherish this day

Have my heart,
Through distance and time,
Through fun and lonely,
Through conflicts and reconciliation,
Through family or not,
The powers of love within it,
It will all endow them to you

Have my heart,
For I shall no longer breathe,
For you shall no longer see me,
For you shall no longer hear my voice
Look at it,
The remembrance of our love,
The symbol of our commitment,

Look at it,
You will see the moments beyond it,
Drop a tear,
It will whisper you,
“Love is gained and lost”
“Love is in the air, open up and let it begin”
Have my heart, don’t lose it.
I will never lose yours