Every day in my bag,
I carry a notepad,
Filled with messages of hope,
Daddy will I ever know you?
The time has already gone,
I hope you found a better place in Heaven,
I wonder of the things we would have done,
Little sweet happiness I have in me,
I inherited your intelligence,

Though why did you abandon me?
Did I ashamed you?
Or you had to leave…..
Relationship clashes?
Why didn’t you visit occasionally
Taking me along with you, was it a disturbance?
A stupid question I ask,
Did you love me?
Did you cherish my born?

I love and care about you,
Neither I know you,
It’s been 14years you left me,
It’s been 7years you left the world,
Why didn’t you call and told me your last wish?
I would have accomplished it with all due respect,
I just wish to visit heaven one day,
And confront you with questions that are endless…
And I demand answers.
I have no page to write,
My notepad is full.