To celebrate and common rate your day
To honour the real man like you it is a privilege
To celebrate the day like this it took the trinity
Other things were just commanded to exist

But man as you are, it summoned heaven and earth
To listen and pay attention by saying β€œlet us”
Create a man (father) like us in our image
The purpose was to be the head not the tail

The purpose was to lead not to be led
The purpose was to be respected not despised
The purpose was to produce and multiply
The purpose was to make you a hero that saves

To save your family with given authority
To be the eye (priest) and the ear (prophet) of the house
To be the rod (protector) and the staff (guardian) of your children
To be the hands (provider) head (leader) of your body (wife)

It took a day like this to let (allow) me to say
Happy father’s day to you