When you lose your granny,
Your Uncle
And your mom……
All in one year.
Coffin after coffin,
As if it’s fashion.
Death after death,
Like it’s a curse.

You feel like God has forsaken you.
Before wiping your tears,
You have to cry again. Noticing
the arisal of your fears,
You begin to ask yourself
Are you not next?
You have to do what is best.

God has not forsaken you,
Nor has he abandoned you.
Accept Jesus, be saved,
For it is never too late.

Ask yourself
“If I die, where will I go?”
Take action now
For you know what is right
Where are you going?
Heaven or HELL?

You are to determine
You are to decide
I have played my part as a poet…
Now…The ball is in your court.
And I’ll arrest my case.