You built up a wall so long that
Nobody could get in, only out
Pushed them all away like a grocery store cart
You don’t see a good thing
You don’t know a good thing
You don’t smile or laugh
Since the day your daddy left home
You’ve been walking this road solo
You always scream: “YOLO”

You witnessed so much violence as a child
Now you got PTSD like a war veteran
You’re using drugs daily like they’re a prescription
Baby girl, you’re so reckless
You’re going to end up neckless

I know you stay on guard like the G4S
Your heart is locked up like it was given 25 to life
I know you’ve been through an inferno
You got third-degree burns to prove it
But let your guard down
I won’t let you down

I’ve seen you stare into a gun barrel
Trying to split your head wide open
You got a death wish
I see it in your eyes
You’re dead inside
I just wanna give you a lifeline
So you can keep your life in line

Let that guard down
You’ve been a prisoner of your mind
For too long
Let somebody in
Give somebody the key
To your solitary-confinement door
We all need somebody
But not just anybody

We all need a hand
Just a firm one that won’t let you slip
And if you do
They’ll be there to catch you
When you fall,
Even the strong get weak sometimes
Don’t listen to your depression when it lies to you
Telling you that nobody cares for you
And if you ever stop being on guard
Maybe I can keep guard for you.