If it all gets too much,
Get on your knees and pray
For there to be such
Challenges every day,
It’s just that magic touch
Telling you today is your day

When you fall and all seems to shatter,
Try to crawl and remind yourself that you matter
If you cry and feel like you want to die,
Try and try until you fly sky high

Learn to earn all for which you yearn
Be thankful you have somewhere to turn
Be kind, be thankful
Keep in mind that you’re beautiful

If you try, and fail
Do not be shy, or derail
Do not buy any sale
Do not lie for any jail

Keep moving, move
Crawl, walk, run
Go up, try to go up
Look beyond
Your limitations

If you see any sore,
Go to park on the see-saw
‘Cause if the sea saw,
Any storm,
Then you might just be
The power in the storm

When it gets too dark,
Don’t look for the light
For you are the light.
No one can keep you down like a syndrome,
Keep your head up and make your head your home
Bright thoughts, kind words in your dome

No matter what happens,
Keep going,
Keep growing.