Soft morning light piercing through my window
Colorful rays of sunshine kiss my skin, whispering new hope
New day, new possibilities.
My dreams are being revived like a boiling pot
Releasing steam of opportunities.

I breathe in desires to make a change
And exhale creativity that forms wealth
The ground I step on has nurtured me
The trees I rest under have protected me,
Sheltered me and provided for me

I am a vanquisher, a conqueror, a winner, a leader, a dreamer!
I have been moulded by life and I have embraced
The teachings of my ancestral spirits
I hear drums of victory, flutes of joy bubbling deep
Within the bosom of my heart
Jubilation is approaching as though
A great tornado, an unfathomable event
Is to reveal the greatness within

I am a child of the soil, one created in God’s image
Yebo nginamandla…
Pierce me on my side and I will bleed
Impartation to young generation
I will water their dreams, my blood will speak for them
They will indulge in the power invested in me.