Graves are full of women who were told,
“Kuyanyanyezelwa emtshatweni”
Men who were told, “Indoda ayikhali”
Girls and boys who were told,
“Azikho ke izitabane apha kwam”
Children who were told,
“Izothethwa iphelele apha eFamily(ini)”
Gays and lesbians who were stuck in
loveless marriages just because of “bazothini abantu”.

Kode kube nini isizwe siphela?
Kode kube nini abafazi bebulawa?
Kode kube nini abantwana bedlwengulwa?

Children are victims of anxiety and depression
Yet they are told “zizigulo zabelungu ezo”.

People who commit suicide are called cowards.

Don’t ask me about my wet pillows,
the scars on my inner thighs,
the fake smile I pull in front of people?
Or the sad poems I write early in the morning or late at night.

To hell with the WORLD, that marriage isn’t working, get out
Report that rapist, dude cry as much as you want,
embrace your gayness and be happy the world will adjust.