I hope that this is the day, love
To throw a party over the reign of our love
Celebrating the rare joyous moments we’ve had
Meanwhile, grieving for the heartbreaks unnurtured
Because all we knew was being at par in anger,
Let’s now with almighty, join hands
And in unity, let’s collect each tiny piece of our hearts
Together, marking today as the most memorable moment ever
For it’s when our misery reaches its turning point.

Let’s open wide our eyes onto the glowing sight of dawn
Hoping never again to see a tear drop from our swollen eyes.
Like slaves,
Let’s liberate ourselves onto the other side of the Mississippi,
Never again to dance to the tunes of our infidelity,
Never to lose ourselves in its puzzle again.
So, knowing that we were never meant to be,
Let’s make it a proper sendoff my dear,
Where in joyous pains we shall bid farewell to each other
And eagerly await what fate has stored for us.
In other words, giving a welcoming embrace to our factuality
Indeed, a welcome that comes with no bye-byes.