Dear angel,

I call you angel because you look like one to me,

I know itโ€™s strange to receive such a letter but I decided to write down my pain.
It took me a little longer to write it because I was not sure of the words to explain.

I wonder if you will mind keeping this letter until you realise what it means after reading it.

Before you get bored by my essay (I call it an essay because it is a bit long) I wanted to tell you how I never felt the way I do when you come to my mind.

Time and again when I think of you, I lose memory of the bad things that ever happened to me through stormy wind.

Now you can understand why I call you angel.
All you have just read is the summary of I LOVE YOU.

Please open you wings and wear your halo and come to my love, seek heart. Hope you will give me a positive response as I wrote for love not art.