I know myself very well.
I would speak of “I” very well
Rather than let these people
Portray my life like a form of artwork.

They will now say we used to be close friends
And some never said hello.
Fully dressed in black similar to my skin colour
Whose funeral is it today?

Some are here for food and to gossip;
You’re too quick to say your goodbyes.
I have already written a list down;
Will my name even appear on the list?

Deeply thinking of all the Sundays
Which I skipped without reading that bible.
What if my sins fall onto my sons?
We feel much safer leaving the house
With a gun on our waist
Than carrying a bible with our hands.

Gone but not forgotten will you remember me?
Questions rapidly left unanswered like our prayers
“GOD” never replies.
For life itself we never say thank you “GOD’”
While I’m still alive I’m saying thank you “GOD”.
Please let my family mourn my death in peace.
Through difficult times there were no condolences sent to the family