His name was Riddle
He was a person who liked to fiddle
Had a face shaped like a circle
His dick was so little
His eyebrows had holes in the middle
He was a teenager who watched movies that were so scary
His first-ever phone was a Blackberry
Never missed a day without eating peanut butter and jelly
His body was so hairy
Never dated anyone but would love dating a girl that was called Mary
In fact there was a student at his school whom he loved but he was too scared and shy to tell her

Mary loved being called a fairy
Her father’s name was Barry
Aged 52, he was old enough to marry
Riddle couldn’t wait for his first entry at the talent show
Always was in a hurry
Dairy milk made him so energetic
He focused on his academics
Loved making his writing poetic
His father was bold but yet he worked as a mechanic.