I gave you my heart
You tore it apart
And now I’m broken into pieces
I loved you, but now all I have are regrets
You called me names
Because I was broke
My dear, take care.

I should have known right from the start
That my love for you
Was nothing but futility.
You said I was not the ideal lover
You set out in search of a better lover
But now you have realised that I’m the better lover
Well, I’m sorry.
It’s too late
Because when words are uttered
They can never be reversed
When I wanted things to work out
You said I was trash talking
But now all you do is solo walking
Because the one you left me for
Has also left you for another

You said you wanted your space
I left you
That you wanted to look for something better
I allowed you
Not knowing that you were chasing after the wind
You told me goers don’t return
But why do you want me back
Don’t forget that I am a human too
I have feelings and emotions

Well, in your absence I found a new tune to dance to
It breathes life into my sad soul
Hope to my lost self
One that is sweeter than you
I’m sorry, I love you but I’m leaving
To a place of peace, joy and laughter
And I promise you,
I won’t return
Goers don’t return.