On my 21st birthday
I will invite all my friends who
Were there when no one was around;
Not anyone but my best friends.

Those who were there when the day bled
Into nightfall to get me through it all;
Whom, when my heart faded to a dull throbbing,
I would fall into their arms and feel safer in their
Sound until I was sound asleep

That day I shall sleep not, but enjoy
My birthday with my comrades;
In the midst of the night they’d crawl on my spine
Into my brain and keep me company;
I taught myself to enjoy it though it hurt.

Everyone will be wasted;
We shall drink and dance all night
On the grave of my long-dead body
As if it is our last day to live.

All the pictures I will take
Will show only bad things happening;
Until they come to life
Like the ghost stories.

It is the ghosts that live in my closet
And in my body that no one sees;
My weeps are the music we will be dancing to
While we drink the taste of my tears
And keep the party going with my sorrow.

At twelve o clock, midnight
The party will start in the cemetery, my body
When people pass by me
They shall discern the noise yet see nothing
But darkness like the ghosts’ party.

I shall bow at their altar
But my worship won’t stop me from feeling
The sorrow they come with;
But to be the ghost covered with flesh;
The prince of the night will be there
To deliver the gloomy speech on my behalf.