You can’t get all in a day
Poco a poco, take it bit by bit
Searching for a diamond, you see gold, pick it
Poco a poco, that’s the good way

Want to be a moon? You’ll start from crescent
The process is slow, but is surely sure
Poco a poco, rush not the show
Before the stars, there was the sun
If you think you’re bright, there’s someone brighter
Poco a poco, continue to glitter

He can’t afford a salad? Appreciate the card
Unable to take you for a date? Appreciate his visit
Do not leave him! Success is on the way
Poco a poco, be patient and wait

Do not jump to the stage, use the stairs
Poco a poco, follow the steps
While jumping you might get hurt
Poco a poco, be careful with yourself

Value what you have today
Poco a poco, you never know the next day
Be calm and don’t worry about your goals
Poco a poco, that’s just how life goes