Search for me with my blossom
Search for me on Fundza’s website,
You will find
my sweet heart poured out.

Fundza is the philosopher.
She is the representative of the poor.
Lean on her,
and she won’t break your heart.
Just as she protected my heart.

My heart is found in
every corner of Fundza’s mind.
I think about her, just as she sleeplessly
thinks about me in the early hours,
just before the dawn,
just before the sun betrays the land,
giving the moon a stage to shine its lot.

Fundza thinks about me,
because she loves me.
Oh yes, I know
she keeps my records
and doesn’t forget my name.

Sometimes she wakes me up
She tells me to read new stories
in the middle of the night
She tells me about the new poem that someone
wrote out there,
she tells me to say something about it.
Sometimes she challenges me to write my own.

Search for me,
search for my name in the heart
of Fundza.
She loves me,
oh yeah, I know she does.
Fundza is the blossom of my heart.
She is the core of my strength.
With her by my side,
I have everything that I need.
Fundza, my blossom.