Departure from one place to the other
I hoped for tough days to bring me laughter
Being new in a strange place
I moved my foot and then the other by God’s grace
To this place I am a stranger
But this new kid
Worth poetry sort of art
False guidance to others is nothing to view
It was nothing but a start of something
To make everything
Though being new in a strange place
Is sometimes hard to face
Yes face to face
Open your eyes see reality and practice living it
New walls, New doors
New kid in the field
Using poetry as a shield
New in a strange place
But nobody knew
And apart from obstacles he had a meaning point of view
which sculptured his future as he grew
time passes to know wrong from right
not by a song but in a poetic motion no so long
because if he feels like a nobody
among everybody
then confidence of his Jotted and Uttered words would someday make him a somebody