I am at the apex of the world
Feeling like shouting I love you
But not after you chopped my heart
Nor after I searched for reason of my heartbreak
You’re one who put me through ordeals
I still feel like embracing air
My love is pure for you
Your feelings are great to my heart
Goodbye to our love
Goodbye to our love

Your feelings are cascading into my mind
My orbs embellishing you till the end of the day
Thank you my soul is leaking enjoying your responsibilities
I already despaired of our love
Your ulterior is an abashment
But why did I love you so much?
Now I can’t even contemplate love
Goodbye to our love
Goodbye to our love

Why do I mind as if I was the one who chopped your heart
As though I was the one who didn’t peel your feelings
Oh! Is it because of love?
No, how can I love with those lesions on my soul?
Instead I have to search for the lint not love
So I can be happy in future
Goodbye to our love
Goodbye to our love

Your voice still nudges my heart
But anon you will be oblivion
So you will become an expatriate to my heart
Now I can’t obtrude myself to your soul heart
Because I lost all rights to aplomb in this love war
You decimated all knights of my love
Thank you for every good memory and your time
Goodbye to our love
Goodbye to our love

Yes, it is not that I want to say goodbye but I have to
Goodbye good-bye maybe we’re destined to be separated
Goodbye good-bye I will always share our good times with my dear ones
Oh! I already lost my voice singing for obsolete lover
Know that my heart still ogles you every second
My soul saluting you every minute
Goodbye to our love
Goodbye to our love

Every day my heart sings a sad song
Why did you topple my heart without peeling your feelings first
Well you destroyed the pen of love so my soul can be blank
I can’t write with this pencil because your pride can rub the message
I gave you the key to my soul but you left me alone in darkness
I know you’re busy obliterating all of my feelings
It’s not that I buried your feelings only say
Goodbye to our relationship
Goodbye to our love
Goodbye to our love
Goodbye from me to you