Melody is flowing from the lips of an angel
Dreams are starting to be sweet at night,
I woke up with a smiling heart,
Breakfast is your image
Happiness has come to my face
In the mornings,

I have not mentioned a night
It’s more than a coming morning,
Evening is shining with thoughts of a coming season,

Seeing your skin from a pair of shorts,
Way to come when children are playing
A name of the first day of September,
What a day of happiness to me,
While you were cold and happy
To remember your days

You took me as an idiot when I told you
My heart is really deep in love with yours too,
You are a need to my heart.
I’m a fool to you,
Days of happiness came and ended
With a picture of her face inside my heart,
I thought it was a dream,
When I heard a knock at my door step,
I found her crying for someone to love.

Love that is always there for her,
Relationship forms have been signed long
Before we existed in this world of love,
You forever mine, my Angel
You forever mine, my Princess,

A Queen of my heart.