I watch my friends laugh, cry
Pouring out their emotions.
I pretend to the be the happiest schoolgirl
In the whole school
But deep down my heart is like
An old graveyard.

When silence creeps in my life
That’s when I feel sorrow and pain
Filling my heart.
Sometimes I don’t even know
Whether it’s the teenage hormones
Or if am just being dramatic.

I…seriously don’t know how I feel
But I am lonely in a world filled
By 2 billion people, country-wise.
I sleep with many thoughts in my mind
Thinking that tomorrow would be better,
Only to find out it’s worse.

Peer pressure is killing me,
Words are killing me.
I am tired of being called names
Beacause of the colour of my skin,
I know that I am skinny, fat
People, I don’t need you to tell me
I am very much aware of that.

It’s true what they say
That stick and stones may break my bones
But words can break my heart.
I feel like I am now suffering from depression
Because of words,
All I ever want is peace.
Is that to much to ask?