It is because of you that I am called a born free
It is because of you that I didn’t have to pay school fees
You Tata, the father of the rainbow nation
You Tata, the icon behind my inspiration
To hear that you are fighting for your life
Makes my cheeks the N1 road of tears
Hearing that your life is in the doctor’s hands
Makes my heart the Titanic
Hearing that for you to see a new day is a privilege
Bends my knees and makes me call upon the Father of the heaven and earth
To bring down the Holly Spirit
And bring you back to us, your children

Mountains are high but low compared to your value to us
The sun is bright but what is the brightest is the future you created for us
Remember you were our strength when we were weak
You were our voice when we couldn’t speak
You were our eyes when we couldn’t see
You saw the best that is within us
You took us up where we couldn’t reach
You touched our souls and we touched the sky
We were blessed to be given you
And we are everything that we are
Because we were loved by you!