I’ll tell you a bedtime story!
Drop your thoughts of the day and prepare your ears.
You’ll wake up in a great mood,
neither work or anything else will worry your vacation.

An unfamiliar room in an open house.
Open curtains, silky sheets on a feather bed.
The exciting aroma of your favourite flowers.
Where am I this moment?

You open the carved doors and find yourself
at the edge of the azure ocean!
The splendour of the landscape fascinates and beckons.
You run into clear water
full of incredible and unseen fish, corals and stars.
The warm water caresses your tender body,
washing away the initial surprise and you smile happily.

Instead of water from the cliff
comes an endless shower of petals of the most beautiful flowers,
this is all for you!
Suddenly we’re at a carnival!
The music makes you join in the dancing.
Chaotic rush of people.
Everything whirls, turns upside down, tambourines beat,
without sparing the drained glasses,
trumpets blow and castanets crackle.

A mad and thoughtless joy takes
possession of our bodies and we laugh.
Let’s get out of here!
With you, even to the end of the world.
You answer …
We’ll live a long and happy life,.
as we never dreamed of any Disney fairy tales.