Theories of relationships
Coming from all angles to you.
You, poor lover!
Love becomes the experienced, as I watch!
Relationship becomes the happening!

You remain alike, broken-hearted you
Minimising and shortening prayers!
Poor character rapidly changes,
As you alter the connotations attached.

Love is no longer an affection!

Relationships no longer romantic
You are heartbroken again!
You define everything by experience!
The way you had it,

Holy word causes headaches!
Lovely words are questionable!
Personality and sense of humour are
Minimised to less!
You start hating the ex of your lover
Censuring them for annihilating the youngster
Loathing yourself even more!
Subsequently realising that:

You are good for nothing!

The love perishes in your sight
Darkness turns off His light.
They say, “It’s over!” in a polite way,
Hoping it will make you feel better!