Everyone’s got it
the moves
all and sundry
(winning with words)

Cool moves smart move
are the photos’ captions
(sharp they are)

(a library user says
it’s one of the best
moves they did
because of its
safe location)

A new user-friendly
Crossroads Library
gets folks going
(even the politicians
for their pound of flesh)

Out with the old
of scarce resources
and a high crime rate

And in with the new
of extensive resources
with knee-high chess too

(and librarians aim to get
people reading again as
as you know librarians
inspire learning)

Cool move, Smart move, Best moves

Perchance one day
we’ll move away
from moving away
from the conundrum

Might that not be
a cool move

“Improvements welcomed at new, user-friendly Crossroads Library” (Cape Times, Sept 30 2015) and

“Boost for schools as new Crossroads library opens” (Argus, Sept 30 2015). Not forgetting

“Librarians inspire learning” (People’s Post Athlone, 15 September 2015) and “Winning with words” (Athlone News, September 16 2015)..