I come from a place where we are told everything happens for a reason.
A place where the greatest thief is death.
Where people’s minds are trapped in boxes.
Where the screens are in black and white –
not ‘sweet black’ or ‘crystal white’ –
just black and white!
I am from a place where opportunities knock on doors,
but your investors are stuck with the mentality of being poor!
I am from a place where those who dare to try
are perceived as being full of pride –
without the knowledge that they have paid the price
of once failing.
I come from a place where equality is preached
but this place constantly diminishes the strength of a woman.
I am from a place where abortion is legalised
killing seeds with power beyond imagination.
Destroying seeds that could not only bring peace
but also tranquillity and humour.
I am from a place where its youth
are confused and lack will.
I am from Mandeni –
a place with dusty streets, stale dreams and misty passions.
I come from the womb of Motherhood, where determination,
perseverance and strength will help to break the chains of uncertainty.