Every time I close my eyes
I imagine a lot of things
When my eyes are closed,
I see a lot of things
When I sleep I dream strange things
Some dreams are easily forgotten,
Some you remember
Dreams are bizarre and strange
Some are clear and some unclear

Do dreams have a meaning?
People believe dreams happen when you sleep
Dreams don’t happen at night
But when you fall in a deep sleep
When you dream fish in your hands
You will be in rich
When it’s a cow, you will be poor
How can that be?

A priest says money is difficult to make
So if you manage to catch a fish from the deep water
You are blessed
A cow will be eaten
And you lose your inheritance and become power
I don’t believe in superstition though

I have dreamt ants, I can’t tell anyone
Afraid of the meaning
What if I become poor
When the meaning twists my mind?
It’s better not to know

But I once dreamt making peace
With a friend I had hurt
It happened for real
I don’t know what to believe,
I dream fish but I don’t have money yet
Do dreams happen at specific times?
Pastor says dreams are warnings
What should we do when we dream
If it’s a good dream thank god for your blessings
If it’s bad rebuke the dream

But some dreams are weird,
They can be parables that you need meanings
How will we know the meaning?
Dreams, dreams are strange
What do you think?