Close your eyes, take your time and imagine
Be patient and try seeing you in your vision
Keep your eyes closed, relax and find your mission
See? That’s you on an extremely high position
The Victory that came through ambition

Dream, dream and dream

Things are not as hard as they seem
You are like a shining Sunbeam
All you need is to follow your dream
Now open your eyes and face reality
Believe and hope for possibility

You have a dream what about the ability?
Distance yourself from negativity.
Good things don’t come easily, persevere
Even big kings started right there
They had dreams, you do too

Follow yours, they did too
Hard work pays, this is true
Never stop doing movements
Dear, there’s room for improvement
surround yourself with obtainers

Isolate yourself from complainers
Success is what you owe yourself
Focus is what you need to have
Like a footballer, Keep your eyes on the ball
Get up when you fall.

Dream, dream and dream

Open your eyes, face reality
Work on your dream.
Difficulty is not impossibility
You have the ability.