You wake up to the crow of the unseen cocks and an expected reply from nowhere to be found co-cocks. A usual tradition of special grade. That is our early morning alarm usually between 3:50am and 4:25am, a perfect time to wake up here if you really want a productive day.

Wake up and say your prayers (if you remember), then go to the specialised bathroom (usually a make-shift one), who cares. Get ready for work before 6 am, that’s the norm here. Catch a bus to cut cost and increase time, just get to work before time.

Get to work to complete the yesterday’s spillover work (do you have any choice?). You do that till you don’t have any other tasks assigned by your boss. Then you remember you are hungry but you will have to wait till break time.

There is nothing like breakfast here, i guess this blending of breakfast and lunch to form BRUNCH is really meant for us here.

Struggle with the empty stomach’s pain amidst doing tasks. Take a rest to check your phone for any missed calls or messages because it’s the rule in your office to put phone to silent or vibrate (you don’t dare go against the rules…). Then you check Facebook and WhatsApp notifications – there you are carried away by the trends…

That is mid-day in Lagos.

Waoh! It’s break time! You leave your office complex to go the canteen nearby. Damn! The queue is too long. When is it gonna get to your turn?

You decide to go to another one nearby. You place your order, get a seat and wait for your order only for the server to come and tell you they don’t have what you want. You’ve no choice but to accept it like that (who cares about a balanced diet anyway).

You begin to devour the meal steadily not forgetting the Nigerian popular culture of eating meat after finishing the food (crazy).

You order a drink. Sprite is the choice today. It is always exciting to wash down your carbonhydrate, protein, fat and oil, water, mineral salt with a chilled bottle of lemon Sprite.

Huh… It’s time to get back to work. Time is money here in Lagos, or the dollar to be precise.

That is afternoon in Lagos.