Remember the 4th night of the 4th month,
When we laughed and giggled at the night skies,
We didn’t care about anything else at that time,
We were the butterflies in the blue beautiful skies, flying so beautifully like we were the only ones,
It was just us against the world until you met your next one.

You left me hanging like I was a lost cause,
So desperately looking for salvation that I began to think that I was a no one,
I was the one who held your hand when the world was on top of you,
The one who bath you’re soul with love and purity,
The one who was there for you through puberty,
The one who blessed you’re the world with honesty,
The one who loved you unconditionally.

Remember the 4th night of the 4th month when you told me it was alright,
When you told me we would never be apart,
You said “I was you’re one and only till death do us apart”
You held my hand and looked into my eyes and said I was your future wife,
The one you would spend your entire life with,
I was so ready to give you all you wanted,
From fantasy to infinity,
I was ready to give up all my sanity.

Ooh we were so wonderfully good together until you decided to take my love and spit it to my face,
I wasn’t ready to do it alone but I guess I had to realise that it’s was all fake,
Or maybe it’s was just fate,
I tried all I could to give you everything you’ve always dreamt of but I guess it was just too late.

They say you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped,
You can only try to save them until the lifejacket float away forever,
And oh you have certainly floated away forever and ever.

Remember the fourth night of the fourth month?