Another sleepless night, as ordinary as any other.
My brain becomes my own personal time machine and I’m back to 13 months ago.

I’m watching us, I’m watching me – the happy me,
the one before he undressed me with his fingers.
He took it all, without any intention of giving anything in return.
My brain has this uncanny ability to make me relive every second I’ve ever spent with him.
And on these sleepless nights, where I travel back in time,
my sadness becomes lonely, so I take the loneliness and carve it into anger.

I break things when I’m angry,
I broke everything in sight the last time I went back in time.
All that’s left is me.
I wish I could break myself into a thousand pieces,
Maybe I’d get caught in a whirlwind.
I’d cease to exist
And so would these sleepless nights.