It started with a slap followed by a quick apology
I thought what the hell, we all make mistakes
Then it was a punch followed by a remorseful glance
I thought what the hell, he was just frustrated
Then it was a push against the wall that gave me a slight headache,

But nothing a painkiller couldn’t cure.
I wanted to make him happy
So I ditched my friends, ignored my family, resigned my job
And stayed home to raise his kids

I cooked all his meals
I did all his laundry
I cleaned his house
Devoted my time to him and our home
He came home in the late hours of the night
I warmed his food and asked no questions
I had to be quiet and be the devoted wife
The female scent on his clothes and the lipstick on his shirt,

Had me speculating the possible ways they could’ve ‘mistakenly’ gotten there
How could I possibly be suspicious of the man that I married?

The slaps and punches had stopped for a while,
I probably must’ve been doing something right
But you can imagine my surprise
When I was told to pack my stuff, for my time was up
It all made sense when the other woman rocked up!
There was a new sheriff in town,

So my services were no longer needed…
He laid no finger on me
But this time…
I felt beaten to a pulp!