Even though I was in the midst of a sea of vegetation
It was, indeed impossible to miss
For a split second,
My heart ceased its mundane labour
As I hungrily absorbed the beauty-
There on my display
I felt my veins being flooded
Not by streaming blood
Rather by an unexplained heat
Perspiration was forming on my forehead.

It was an extremely beautiful rose
I carefully cradled it with both my hands.
Wanting to caress it-
And let it adorn my heart

But it pricked me with its thorns
And my hands, were forced to release
Because the pain was so immense,
Not from the piercing though-
But discovering that it’s capable of malevolence
When all my actions were purely of benevolence

I mistook a deadly daphne,
Fooled by its beautiful appearance-
Which is in fact, one of the most dangerous flowers-
For a beautiful and harmless rose