I’ve reached max I need rest.
I’ve bled a long time ago, even now.
“Anyone I need help!” someone shouted.
This pain costs my soul. I’ll go.
All the brightest future dreams have gone.
Barrier’s time soul can’t cope at all.
Brain remained confused…
Suppose it functions but system refuses,
Pretending no more. I’ve had to act my role.
Who can transfer this pain?
I’ve tried to build my legacy without excuses.
I’ve tried to make the beat with a single stick and

No questions it’s God’s will.
If it wasn’t me who might be?
If it wasn’t Christ who might be?
No life in this be aware.
No pain in Christ I’ve missed the point.
No stresses no worries. Shout Glory!
I’ve seen the turning point can be reached.
Moving slowly, you can’t see it.
Seeking freedoms still impossible.
Death Dad you might be the mediator.
You won’t take parts but a part,
You won’t collaborate but to separate,
You’ll promote divorce not marriage.
Then peace will be restored.
And the sun with a smile will rise.