Sorrow, Heartache and Pain,
Why did we get seperated?
Darkness fills my heart as I sit and wonder why,
How could this be right and true?
Why did God have to take you?

I dreamt of a bright future for us,
Happiness we shared between ourselves,
Moments that put a smile on my face,
But death had to take that away.

I feel like my heart is about to break
It has had a lot to take,
Wasn’t there anyone else to take?
Why did it have to be you?
I am not questioning God’s will,
I’m just crying out my pain.

In confusion to what’s happening,
Cold blood in the hands of man,
Separated her breath from her flesh,
Why did it have to be like that?
How could death come in such a way?

No one knows why,
But these things happen time over time,
The closest people to us, are the ones who just die,
Death why?
She was my loved one.

It’s so hard,
To just come to terms,
To just accept that I’ve lost her love forever,
Not only her love,
But also her smile
Cuddling up and giving her a hug,
A kiss from her sweet lips,
Death just took all this.