You know you are worth more than you hate to admit
If you ever wake up one day a little less self-conscious I’d be proud of you
You spend days finding new ways to pick yourself apart and drown in self-pity
You are more than the too-dark skin, stretch marks or dry-nappy hair
Dear self
I hope you never settle for a man who finds you pretty in the dark
Too ashamed to hold your hand in public and could never bring himself to love you openly
You are more than the last-minute-sorry-I’ve-been-busy all day text messages
Dear self
I hope you learn to be kinder to yourself, less harsh and less self-blame.
That you find joy in the things you love to do
Read, go out, see friends and be your biggest fan
Dear self
I hope you know life lessons are only just that
You are stronger than obstacles, circumstances and life inconveniences
May your spirit remain unbreakable and your fire always burning.