The speech I did utter in front of you.
I stuttered asking for shops, but I was alarmed in reaction,
Really I didn’t mean that, I meant to say I love you.

I didn’t find correct words to say to you,
But I was actually thinking to say I love you,
I drowned myself in remorse
About you going without the expression of what I felt.
I was thinking love could fly but you didn’t fly me,
You disdained me.

I left my soul hung on a stick of hope
And rod of faith mutilated me,
I was sad to say I love,
Because you choose to believe the world
More than I told you,
You let me kiss air while I tossed your hair,
You lived long inside my heart
While you throw my soul into terrain.

You closed my mouth with a finger,
And fried my feelings into nice fresh fries
Like no one did,
You misdirected my conscience with lips,
You dropped your lipstick on my pillow
For making me guilty of unlawful trial to attend,
So I could adhere to.

I am self-attached to you, through lies and regrets.

I love the life I lived before your presence.
Maybe all will be in vain for your absence.