Dear future,
When I come, please welcome me.
Even though I may make mistakes,
please teach me how to learn from them.

Dear future,
I may not be perfect,
I may be confused but
do not tell the past to take me back.

Dear future,
I hope what you hold for me is success.
I might not know
but I will strive for good.
Then you’ll reward me with good

Dear future,
I hope you do not rob me of my goodness.
I hope you do not give me what I do not deserve,
what I have not worked for
but you give me what I deserve.

Dear future,
I come not knowing what you hold for me.
I might not be the best
but I’ll try every challenge.
When I come, do not give me a burden I cannot carry.
Do not take away my freedom,
do not give me problems I can not solve.

Dear future,
all I ask for is for you to welcome me.
You give me what I deserve,
do not sell me back to the past.
Do not burden me with
burdens I cannot carry.
Do not ask me questions I cannot answer.
Do not give me problems I cannot solve.
Welcome me with open arm and
do not chase me away