Sitting on top of the mountain
Deeply distressed, helpless and hopeless
I cried out to the sovereign Lord for help
I remembered God and groaned
I meditated and my spirit grew faint
Who was to rescue me from all my troubles?
Then Jesus came

Sitting on my bed during the night
With my eyes ever open
I stretched out untiring hands
And said to the Lord
“Lord, look at me, you know I love you
But I am poor and needy
My heart within me is wounded
Nobody can nurture the wounds of my heart
All my friends ran away
See, I have become an object of scorn to my enemies,”
Then Jesus came

Admitted at the hospital
I heard people speaking, “He will just only take a few breaths.”
The smell of death was all over me
Then I cried out to the lord
“JESUS, aren’t you the same?
Aren’t you the same who healed the leper?
The death, the dumb in helplessness stood near you
And nobody who came to you went out the same,”

Then Jesus came and said, “Long live my son.”
I jumped to my feet and said he is alive

On my way to school to sit for the exams
I prayed out to God in psalms
Lord Jesus I know it’s only you who is holy
I take refuge in you
Lord please don’t let me be put to shame
Look, my enemies are ready to smile when I fail
They sit with their my mouths open
Lord, may you deliver me in your righteousness
Then Jesus came and said go ahead my son.

Lord my broken heart has left me sad and angry
My enemies and friends hunt me day and night like a prey
They are even ready to take my life
They are jealous of all the goodness you have given me
Lord if you are not with me, then take all what I have and give them
But if your glory walks with me, then show it now
And let my life be spared
Let all those that pursue me know that you are might and your name is Yahweh
The all-saving God
Then Jesus came and fought the battle for me.