Dear Ex, see me at the corner
Have no shame to raise your hand.
Surely there’s no tonsils in your throat,
Let my ears read your voice.

We were still too much in the early ages
To know what’s within the so-called love,
Nevertheless our needs were too contrary to face love.

You couldn’t dispute empty pockets, and I was still on the desk,
Sat there seeking wealth. You had speed of springbok,
You wanted us to never mind the gap but I resisted minding it.
I’ve listened to the elders when they told me about
How the two roads diverged.

All humans make mistakes, our mistake was to have
What we can’t back right now. Believe you me,
I can’t desert nor abandon my joy of life.
Hopefully you will pay a good bill and let it have the fortune of life.
Dear Ex, hang in there, now I got those who mind life.