Dear diary,
Hear me when I call you daily.
My agonies burdensome early.

I unfold in my hearts yearn.
Curses raining my world’s barren plans.

A lost sheep I see myself to be.
Though I cruise seas of eminent beings.

Feed me back of your unfailing love.
Errors did calling for fun.

Dear diary,
You are my life to the end.
My enormous records I keep to fend.

Know me always to my days’
Elastic fade…

Days I penned my pen’s vibrant ink,
And unscripted my love’s glorious wink.

You capture and commence every chapter’s link.
And rekindle character’s insatiable link.

My biography created and mentored well.
Of truth and honesty expressed not to sell.

Savour all my deeds, until a day
I uncover of few brighter pleads