I hope this email keeps me one metre away from you
and in good health.
I am writing to you because:
“Today, I collected my degree like it was a
certified copy, you stole my graduation ceremony from me.”

“I’m in matric and I’ll be the first in the family
to go to university but I’ve lost lesson time and I don’t even know if I’ll get
to write my finals, how will I make it to my dreams?”

“Schools close early, open after Easter holidays …
schools closed indefinitely”

“Going to work was my best option, away from a toiling hand against my skin when
God’s turned the sun off and my husband has closed the door.”

“The university said online learning and I couldn’t be sadder – we barely
have electricity and clean water; I don’t have a phone or a laptop or internet.
I live in a shack where there is rarely any room for me to change my mind, but
you want me to think outside this box I find myself trapped in. I can’t even
think aloud because I’ll wake up my ailing grandmother.”

Your work here is done.

Best disregards,