Dear COVID 19

You have caused havoc upon earth
A life called “FEAR” we live
Your presence has eradicated our lives and interests
Don’t you get tired?
Always contagious, one there, another one there
You made us walk in the realm of fears,
Where the flesh isn’t allowed to touch

You made our hopes dispute in our hearts
Causing abolishment of being outside
Where you arrive, tears are always shed
Your presence lurks like a blade in the heart!
Control our mind, and we have completely become your slave.

Your presence is filled with darkness and death!
You have planted these dark seeds in our hearts called fear
Today! when I look upon earth, I see broken hearts! tears! and sorrow
Yet I asked, “What have we done to deserve this?”
This misfortune, fate that caused us pain.

You know! When I write this poetic letter, my eyes shed tears
Because of this ache you caused

Forcing flesh to be obligated to lockdown
Without further “ado”
Making young witness…death marks your attack!
And soon you are going to give us all a heart attack!