I’m perplexed by my own ignorance
The philistine in me has clouded me
I remember vividly when I first heard about you
The philistine in me whispered
“We survived a lot as a country
We’ll surely survive this one too”

I shiver when I open eyes to the reality of losing a loved one
I’ve always thought you’d never spread this much
One two three four I lost count of the souls you took
I break every time I watch the news
Stand amazed every time I open the radio

The mist of uncertainties and confusion lies before us
Sometimes it feels we’re fighting a losing battle
Though sometimes I feel like you are a blessing and a lesson in disguise
Call me crazy but I know of children who got to bond with parents
Rebuilding of faded relationships
The spirit of ubuntu triggered

I told myself I’ll buckle my seatbelt and observe
Persevere when we drive past valleys, steep slopes and curves
I’m just going to trust in Him.