23 March 2020, a national lockdown was
Announced by our President.
The country was overwhelmed!!!
As we watched the news confirmed
The drastic rise of COVID deaths and cases
We become terrified!
Asking ourselves a million questions
Now installed in our mind
“Who is next? Am I the next victim of COVID-19?”
We have now become fearful of our lives.

There are cops all over the country
And the streets have become mute.
We were told to stay in our homes.
But the homes we live in are full of violence.
How do we stay in such homes?
How do we quarantine when inequality between
Families keeps on rising?
Gender-based violence
People are living with torn souls, have lost hope…
They have lost their dear ones to this pandemic!!!
They have become more lost than before
They are traumatised!!!
We are not safe in our own homes.
So how do we stay safe?

Many became financially stressed.
Our hard-working mothers are taking a lot of strain.
They are worried as to how they will
Feed their children because they no longer go to work.
There are street vendors…Oh my God!!!
What is to become of them?
There are those who are swimming in a pool of debt…
I feel sorry for them.
Coronavirus has made our less-privileged families
Go to bed hungry.
There are hunger strikes, stresses,
Traumatic experiences in most families right now
Because of what? COVID-19.
The rich display their fascinating lifestyles
On social media, and the poor witnesses that.
When they do, they question their worth.

Politicians are fighting amongst themselves.
They are out to prove who is better than who.
What is to become of us as a nation if
Our own leaders are inter-conflicting?
We are doomed!!!

The world is now numb.
The world is now restless.
And only because of one thing! COVID-19
It has claimed many lives.
It is conspiring against us.
We all are clueless as to what to do next.
Schools, churches, universities and colleges are shut down.
Our daily lives have come to a stop.
Our country has come to a stop.
The whole world is still.