Nights like that are far darker and longer without you.
I could have ordered your warmth to my comfort.
I could have wished for your lower body tonight.
For the whole summer.
My adrenaline was on a rush and I sat by the door waiting for your knock.
Lights dim and scented candles in place next to the washing machine.
Because that is where we were going to live tonight.
Hugging till tomorrow night.
It is hot, I am hot.
I need you for tonight.
To cast spells of love from magic stick of love into
The wildest kind of love of all.
I sat fixed at the window watching robots and car lights fix a disco light.
My broken heart pondering every missed call I left you.
I was looking for love tonight.
I was hoping you could be my accomplice,
Pinning a rose on your lips Iā€™m a tight camouflage wrap,
And topless upper body.

We could have made magic in summer.
But it hurts me that you were painting the town red alone.
It hurts me that it seems I am not the only one.