Let the music be romantic,
the wine be excellent.
Rose petals, the bed is strewn.
Well, our tenderness is scattered in them.
I will untie the eyes with my mouth
and press against you with my tummy.

Gather love with coloured roses.
You will admire me.
I will give you holy pleasure.
You catch magical moments.
I won’t let the beast caress sleep.
Happiness will pour on us and yourself.

Perhaps I am the very soul mate who will be your friend.
The love of your life you have been looking for.
So I am patiently waiting for you
to have the courage to write your first sentence
and click submit.
I am interested in everything about you.

I will console you in sad times.
Rejoice with you in fun times.
Yes, I am here to become the most reliable and loyal person in your world.
I wanna look in your eyes and see in their depths only your unique light.
No matter what difficult times fall to our lot.
I want to always remain by your side.