I sit by the waters
God they are so still!
Reminds me of humanity;
Whose heart has turned to steel
Will we still have alters?
Regardless of the still currents,
Birds still sing
But young daughters opted to dance to sin.

That thought alone is but torment
Broken family ties
They no longer busk in the sun
Young sons decided to hit the sheets
To beat the winter blues,
There she lies.

Winds still blow,
Blow hard at dying trees
Spreading death in our streets
Could it really be?
Could it be that we are headed for doom?
I’m confused.

We live…
They die on us.
We love,
They hate on us.
We give,
They leave us to face rejection!
We are so bold,
Yet we fall prey to their intimidation.
We learn,
They halt us to their limitations.
“You are free”, we were told,
We live but a life of imitations.

Determined, we charge,
But their wise talk holds our dreams hostage.
Past experiences?
Those fade with age!
Or so I thought…

It’s so confusing!