This conscious grinds all the pieces of meat inside me
It torments my soul perpetually and leaves me distraught
It opens a crack from which the hopes of my escape linger hopelessly on
It is a fantasy-like experience that drags me back to the pits of my past
Chanting wicked curses parallel to acid hatred towards me
So cold and mean this conscious is

It is as dry as autumn leaves blown away by the morning breeze
Like a sledgehammer banging on a nail, it compresses my wild evil thoughts
It drives insanity and utter madness to my young mind
Scaring skeletal spirits hiding in an ancient tomb like a hermit
It awakens feelings dreaded by humankind, so sudden without permit
It jerks up the hidden secret so golden to the human heart
It turns and twists so hard, it tears me apart
This conscious: this conscious so bold
This conscious: this conscious so cold